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Toddlers Program

Before you know it, babies become toddlers and the early stages of their development give way to a more physical, structured phase.

Continuous Care
In our toddler groups, play becomes much more focused on group physical activities. We call it ‘play with a purpose’. During this stage, development is rapid and rewarding, for children and parents alike. Crawling, walking, running, jumping, climbing, and all the while, learning. Our toddler rooms are equipped with toys and apparatus to aid and support their rapidly growing skills, opening a big wide world for them to explore and discover in complete safety.

As toddlers become more able and independent, we respond with a focus on self-managed activities as part of day-to-day play, such as dressing up, ‘cooking’ in the play kitchen and team games, all essential to their growing skills. ‘Messy’ play, hide and seek and memory games are also introduced. Safely managed and supervised, such activities nevertheless encourage respect, co-operation and personal choice and of course, they’re lots and lots of fun!

‘Learning through doing’ could be a motto for ‘Kiran Childcare & Learning Center’. Hats, bags and giant boxes are just some of the objects we use to encourage imagination and creativity during playtimes with music, picture books and finger rhymes helping to develop listening skills, rhythm and sound recognition.