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Infant Program

One thing we all know about babies is how much they love to explore the new world they’ve been born into. The best way for them to do this is by interacting with that world, so we’ve created a range of unique activities that allows them to experiment and explore through different play and sensory experiences, all the while aided and encouraged by the very best staff.

You can’t separate learning from the learning environment. Each is critical to the other and by using natural materials such as muslin and silks, mood music, singing and clapping games and musical instruments; we create an atmosphere and mood for every aspect of the changing day, from stimulating playtime to a calming afternoon nap.

Communication is an essential skill that is central to everything else that follows; the sooner children learn to communicate, the greater their capacity to learn in general. That’s why we introduced the ground breaking ‘Sign with Your Baby’ system. Based on simple hand gestures, it enables pre-speech children to communicate their needs and observations to us and to you, and speeds up the development of their verbal skills.

Babies learn first of all through their sense of touch. With our baby area, they can experience different textures, shapes, weights, sounds and smells during periods of undisturbed play that help develop trust and partnership between baby and facilitator.